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2023 Ross County Fair Camping Move List

2023 Ross County Fair Camping Wait List

Thank You!

Thank you for attending the 2022 Ross County Fair, held August 6th through August 13th. The "GREAT" Ross County Fair is rich in history and tradition and gets bigger and better with each passing year. Whether you are camping at the biggest fair campgrounds in Ohio or just visiting for the day, you are sure to find activities for the whole family.

Contact information for the Jr Fair Sale Committee for questions concerning the Jr Fair livestock sale and to place an add on to an exhibitor's project.
740-773-7131 and leave a message



Calendar of Events

2022 Schedule

August 26-28: Buckeye Outdoorsman Expo

September 2-4: ChillitownMX

September 6: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

September 23-25: 4-H Halloween Campout

October 1: Steer & Heifer Classic

October 3: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

October 7-9: Chillicothe Trader Days

October 14-16: ChillitownMX

October 21-23: Halloween Campout

November 5: Miller Automotive Swap Days

November 7: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

December 12: AG Society ANNUAL Meeting @ 6PM