Ross County Fair

Thank You!

Thank you for attending the 2021 Ross County Fair, held August 7th through August 14th. The "GREAT" Ross County Fair is rich in history and tradition and gets bigger and better with each passing year. Whether you are camping at the biggest fair campgrounds in Ohio or just visiting for the day, you are sure to find activities for the whole family.

A Tribute to the Ross County Fair Legend - Philip Hurtt

Elected to the Ross County Agricultural Society representing Deerfield Township in 1994, Phil served on the Fair Board for the past 27 years. Phil became primarily know for his leadership over the infamous Ross County Fair camping. With his guidance, over 1,400 sought after camping spots have been coordinated each year. Navigating the challenging demands of this role, Phil spent countless hours keeping records, accepting payments, tracking changes, and working to be fair to all.

Phil’s heart was focused on championing Jr. Fair and 4-H. He wanted participants to learn life lessons—the good ones and the hard ones. His passion led him to serving as a Ross County Jr. Fair Swine Superintendent for decades with other barn icons including Donnie Kunz, Mike Maloy, and others. Phil, a great behind-the-scenes guy, assisted with all event setup and execution. Picking up donuts, tag-in supplies, and assisted with teaching Quality Assurance. He also served on the Ross County Jr. Fair Building Fund committee to determine what Ross County Fair projects to allocate smaller improvements funds towards.

As a 10-year Ross County 4-H member himself, Phil went on to dedicate 43 years, more than half his life, as a 4-H advisor for the Clarksburg Jolly Feeders club. Hundreds of kids were positively influenced by his leadership and commitment to head, heart, hands, and health. Most notably, Phil modeled having an attitude and action of selfless service. As we look to move forward from this huge loss, we hope to encourage others to continue in the path he blazed, to constantly give back to his community and to believe in investing in our youth.



Calendar of Events

2021 Schedule

October 4: AG Society Meeting

October 8-10: Chillicothe Trader Days

October 15-17: Chillitown Motocross

October 16-17: SCCA

November 1: AG Society Meeting

November 6: Miller's Swap Days

December 13: AG Society ANNUAL Meeting