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Judging Schedule


5:00 pm

Home Arts Building


8:00 AM

Rabbits (Open Class)

10:00 AM

Sheep (Lead Class)

12:00 PM

Beef (Jr. Fair) Groom & Show

12:00 PM

Horses (Jr. Fair)

2:00 PM

Goat Showmanship

5:00 PM

Farm Products

6:00 PM

Antique Farm Displays


9:00 AM

Horses (Jr. Fair)

8:00 AM

Dairy Cattle (Jr. Fair & Open Class)

9:00 AM

Rabbit/Guinea Pig Shomanship (Jr. Fair)

10:30 AM

Goat (Jr. Fair)

12:00 PM

Flower Show

4:00 PM

Sheep Breeding (Jr. Fair)

4:30 PM

Poultry (Jr. Fair)

*6:30 pM

Sheep Showmanship
*Or immediately following Jr. Fair Class


9:00 AM

Horses (Jr. Fair)

9:00 AM

Poultry (Open Class)

8:00 AM

Swine (Jr. Fair)


8:00 AM

Market Lambs(Jr. Fair)

8:30 AM

Rabbits (Jr. Fair)

5:00 PM

Swine Showmanship


8:00 AM

Market Steers, Showmanship, & Beef Breeding (Jr. Fair)

11:00 AM

Horses (Open Class)

12:00 PM

Flower Show


8:30 AM

Dogs (Jr. Fair)

10:00 AM

Beef Cattle (Open Class)

2:00 PM

Showman of Showman

Livestock Sales

The purpose of the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Committee is to promote and manage the Junior Fair Livestock Sales at the Ross County Fair. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Committee, approved, on January 10, 1983, are available by request. Although the complete details of the sales will not be listed here, the following policies are of particular importance to members selling livestock.

  1. Sellers of market livestock will be guaranteed a packer-bid price.
  2. A 4% commission or $4.00 per animal charge (whichever amount is greater) will be charged to sellers to cover the sale expenses.
  3. Livestock checks will be mailed to Sellers (exhibitors) on the last Saturday of September for those sellers whose buyers have paid. Beginning in October, all other monies will be mailed to the exhibitor when their buyer(s) make payment to the Sales committee.
  4. Only 4-H and FFA members may sell market livestock at the sales.
  5. Members MUST indicate to the head specie superintendent immediately following the show (not more than 1 hour), if they do NOT intend to sell their project. (Does not apply to goats, hogs or sheep.)
  6. All Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion animals must sell in their respective sale and will go to harvest through the designation of the Sale Committee.
  7. SALES ARE TERMINAL. All animals sold through the Ross County Junior Fair Sale must go to harvest.
  8. The sale dates and times will be as follows: Swine - Thursday, 4:00 PM Sheep & Goats - Friday, 5:00 PM* Steers, Poultry & Rabbits - Saturday, 9:00 AM** *Lambs & goats will alternate sale order with lambs selling first in even years and goats selling first in odd years. **Steer sale will start at 9:00 AM with poultry and rabbits immediately following.
  9. Sale order will be determined according to class placings, grade and weight. See specie information below for more details.

    Goats - Market Goats will sell according to placing and grade. Order for Goat Sale will be: Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion, Champion and Reserve Champion County Raised, Champion Performance Goat, then heaviest to lightest according to class placing. Goats weighing less than 50 lbs will receive packer price. All market goats must go to harvest.

    Hogs - Order for Hog Sale will be: Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion, Division Champions and Reserve Division Champions, Class Winners. Hogs weighing less than 220 lbs or over 280 lbs will be sold at market price prior to the sale based on arrangements made following the Tuesday Show. All market hogs must go to harvest.

    Lambs - Market Lambs will sell according to placing, grade and weight. Order for Lamb Sale will be: Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Champion and Reserve Champion Pen of 2, Champion Third, Fourth & Fifth place overall lambs, Champion Performance Lamb, Grade A class winners from lightest to heaviest through 5th place, Grade B and then Grade C from lightest to heaviest. Pens of Two will sell according to their highest single lamb and grade. Each exhibitor may go through the sale ring one time. Lambs under 85 lbs will receive market price. All market lambs must go to harvest.

    The following lamb champions will have these additional choices to make:
    • For exhibitors with 2 lambs who win either Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion, they will have the following choices for their second lamb: 1) Send their lamb to packer and receive market price; or 2) Take market price but sell lamb through sale ring as a Building Fund Lamb with proceeds donated to the Building Fund.
    • If exhibitor with 2 lambs wins either Grand Champion or Reserve Champion and Champion Pen of Two, they have the choice of selling lambs together as both Grand Champion/Champion Pen of Two or Reserve Champion/Champion Pen of Two, or only selling their highest single lamb and selecting from one of the above second lamb choices.
    • If exhibitor with 2 lambs wins either 3rd, 4th, or 5th Overall, they have the choice of selling lambs together or only selling their highest single lamb and receiving market price for the second lamb.

      Poultry - Order for Market Chicken sale will be according to place and grade.

      Rabbits - Rabbits will sell according to grade and average weight. Order for Rabbit Sale will be: Champion Pen of 2, Reserve Champion Pen of 2, Champion Pen of 2 Homegrown, Reserve Champion Pen of 2 Homegrown, Rate of Gain Winner, Division Champions, Class Winners, Class Placings Fryers/Broilers (Heavy to Light).

      Steers - Order for the Steer Sale will be: Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion, Champion and Reserve Champion County Bred and Raised Steers, Champion Calf Scramble, 1st place Rate of Gain Steer. Class Winners will follow from heaviest to lightest. All other steers will sell in order according to class placing, grade and weight, with the heaviest selling first (all second place steers, followed by third place steers, etc. heaviest to lightest and project grade A,B,C). Steers weighing less than 900 lbs. will receive packer price.
  10. Market animals that die on the fairgrounds during the fair will be handled in the sale in the following way: Once an animal is weighed on the scale during their official fair weigh-in they are part of the fair. As such, if a market animal dies following weigh-in they will receive a sale lot according to class weight. If the animal has shown and receives a placing they will sell in their regular sale lot. (policy set 9/04)
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2016 Schedule

March 12: Miller Swap Meet

April 2: Steer & Heifer Classic

April 2 & 3: Gun Show

April 4 & 5: Circus

April 8-10: Trader Days

April 23-24: ChillitownMX

May 27-30: Smash-It Demo Derby

June 3-5: Trader Days

June 10: Relay for Life

June 11: NBHA

June 17-18: Ross Co. Litter Tire Collection

June 18: PSA Horse Show

July 16-17: Chillitown MX

August 6-13: Ross County Fair

September 1-5: Easyrider Rodeo

September 24: Southern Ohio Guitar Show

October 1: Cattle Show

October 7-9: Trader Days

October 15-16: Chillitown MX

November 5: Miller's Automotive Swap Meet