Ross Co Fair

General Info

Welcome to the 76th Annual Fair, August 8-15, 2020!

You'll enjoy both the number and quality of exhibits and displays that are the product of hard working, creative people from the Ross County area. There is ample time during a leisurely stroll around the grounds to see old friends, make new friends, and just "people watch". A visit to the Ross County Fair is a chance to share quality time with your family and neighbors. See you there!

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Calendar of Events

2021 Schedule

January 11: AG Society Meeting

February 1: AG Society Meeting

March 1: AG Society Meeting

March 16: AG Society Special Meeting 6pm

April 3: Steer & Heifer Classic

April 5: AG Society Meeting

April 17: DFC Pro Wrestling

May 3: AG Society Meeting

May 7-9: Chillicothe Trader Days

June 7: AG Society Meeting

July 5: AG Society Meeting

August 2: AG Society Meeting

August 7-14: Ross County Fair

August 23: AG Society Meeting

September TBA: AG Society Meeting

October 4: AG Society Meeting

November 1: AG Society Meeting

December 13: AG Society ANNUAL Meeting