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Concessions on the Ross County Fairgrounds are under the direction of Shannon Duncan. Shannon takes great pride in making sure that the tastes you discover at the fair are as diverse as possible. Working with longtime concessionaires or newly discovered talents, his goal is to make sure there is something tasty for everyone that is reasonably priced and prepared to perfection! Whether it’s a Lemon Shake-up, Italian Ice, Elephant Ear or a Steak Sandwich you can rest assured Shannon has a vendor on the grounds just waiting to fix you your favorite fair food!

If you are a concession vendor and would like to be part of the Ross County Fair, see below for the contact information you will need to be considered as a vendor.

Contact Information

Chip Chrisman


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2020 Schedule

January 6: AG Society Meeting

February 3: AG Society Meeting

March 2: AG Society Meeting

April 6: AG Society Meeting

May 4: AG Society Meeting

June 1: AG Society Meeting

June TBA: AG Society Meeting

July 6: AG Society Meeting

July TBA: AG Society Meeting

August 3: AG Society Meeting

August 24: AG Society Meeting

September TBA: AG Society Meeting

October 5: AG Society Meeting

November 2: AG Society Meeting

December 14: AG Society Annual Meeting