Ross Co Fair

Commercial Building Info

During the Ross County Fair, the Ross County Agricultural Society (Fair Board) offers two large building in the center of the action for community groups and associations, government agencies and political entities, local businesses and individual vendors to exhibit. The Commercial Building has approximately eighty booths of varying sizes for lease during the week of the fair based on the measurement of the frontage of the booth. Currently that rate is twenty dollars for each foot of frontage. Each booth supplies one hundred ten volt electrical outlets and tables and chairs are provided based on the size of the booth. The building is not air conditioned but because of its location and the vendor population associated with this building it is one of the most visited buildings by fair goers!

The Multipurpose building houses approximately thirty five eight foot by ten foot booths. All the booths that border the outside walls of the building provide one hundred ten volt electrical service. The booths in the center of the building are not supplied electric service. Each of these booths leases for four hundred five dollars for the week of the fair and this building is air conditioned. Like the Commercial Building this is a highly traveled building by our fair patrons who like to visit to beat the heat while visiting the unique vendors who exhibit in this building.


Commercial Building Booth Space Rental Information

Jenny Pickerrell

Multipurpose Building Booth Space Rental Information

Chip Chrisman


(1)       No items shall be sold as merchandise or given as prizes unless approved by the Fair Board.

(2)       Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  1. Weapons of any kind including firearms, knives (except for kitchen cutlery), whips, martial art items, bike chains, studded jewelry and accessories.
  2. Fireworks and bang caps or bang snaps.
  3. Handcuffs and finger cuffs.
  4. Stretch bottles, unless they are filled with sand art, must be sealed, coated in twenty mil shrink wrap plastic from the manufacturer and be no more than twelve inches in height.
  5. Any obscene item.
  6. Medicine sales of any kind.
  7. Water pistols or guns, bean or pea shooters.
  8. Immature fowls and immature animals.
  9. Chinese horn nuts.
  10. Cards on squirrel tails or similar items.
  11. Merchandise with number prizes.
  12. Magic ink or invisible ink or disappearing ink.
  13. Laser lights.
  14. Stink bombs.
  15. Helium balloons.


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Calendar of Events

2017 Schedule

March 4-5: Gun Show

March 11: Miller’s Automotive Swap Meet

March 15: Winter Storage ends

April 1: Steer & Heifer Classic

April 1-2: Home and Garden Show

April 7-9: Swap Days

April 15: Star Family Circus

April 30: Horse Clinic

May 6: FCG Con

May 19-21: Southern Ohio Forest Rally

May 26-28: Bash for Cash Demo Derby

June 2-3: Relay for Life

June 3: NBHA (Barrel Racing)

June 9-11: Chillitown MX

June 17: PSA Horse Show

June 17: Tire & Electronic Collection

July 7-9: Mid Ohio Jeepers Organization (MOJO) Event

July 11: 4-H Skillathon

July 14-16: Chillitown MX

July 22: 4-H Skillathon

July 24: 4-H Lip Sync Prelims

August 5-12: Ross County Fair

Aug 30-Sep 4: Easyrider Rodeo

September 29-30: 4-H Halloween Campout

October 7: Feeder Calf Show

October 13-15: Swap Days

October 20-22: Chillitown MX

November 4: Miller’s Automotive Swap Meet

December 11: RCAS Annual Meeting