Facility Rental

The Ross County Fairgrounds near Chillicothe, Ohio have many facilities, including the grandstand, multipurpose buildings, campgrounds and more, all of which are available for rental throughout the year.

Daily Rental Rates

Please note: per Board motion these are the only currently authorized rates to use in any daily grounds rental.  If a special rate is requested then board action will be required on a case by case basis before requested rate is authorized.

Winter Storage for Recreational Vehicles and Boats

The following rates were approved per motion 4-21-06 dated April 10, 2006 except where noted.

Multi-Purpose Building:

  1. Monday thru Thursday - $300.00
    (per motion 2-10-13 dated February 11, 2013)
  2. Friday, Saturday, Sunday - $500.00
    (per motion 2-9-13 dated February 11, 2013)
  3. Friday, Saturday, Sunday - $250.00 for ½ day before the rental date
    (per motion 2-9-13 dated February 11, 2013)
  4. Fair Directors rate - $50.00 for one rental per year
    (motion 6-6-96 dated June 3, 1996)

Commercial Building

$500.00 or $600.00 with outside booths

Ladies (Home Arts) Building


4-H Building


Flower and Fruit Building


JVS Building


Sheep Barns

$100 each

Show Arena


Bandstand & Bandstand Area


Senior Citizens Shelter House




The following rates were approved per motion 5-6-06 dated May 1, 2006:

4-H Horse Barn and Arena:

  1. $250 - daytime into evening show
  2. $200 - daytime show
  3. $10.00 - stall rental

Fairgrounds Camping

$25.00 per night / $20.00 per night the week of the fair
(per motion 2-5-13 dated February 11, 2013)

The following rate was approved per motion 12-6-09 dated December 14, 2009:

Beef Barn


The following rates were approved per motion 1-9-13 dated January 7, 2013.

Multipurpose Building Booth Rentals

$410.00 for week of the fair                       

Commercial Building Booth Rentals

$21.00 per foot for the week of the fair    


$4.50 per square foot for the week of the fair

For information on all rentals at the fairgrounds, please contact the Fair Office.

Winter Storage

Winter Storage period is October 15 thru March 15 for recreational vehicles and boats.

Open sided Facilities

$150.00 per space

Fully enclosed Facilities

$200.00 per space.

Contact the Caretaker at 740-775-5083 in October to complete a contract or for more information.

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