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Home & Garden Show

March 28-29, 2015

The Building Industry Association of South Central Ohio is proud to present the 18th Anniversary of the Southern Ohio Home & Garden Show. The show will feature demonstrations, giveaways, and more than 100 indoor and outdoor exhibits.

For more information, please visit www.southernohiohomegarden.com.

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2016 Schedule

March 12: Miller Swap Meet

April 2: Steer & Heifer Classic

April 2 & 3: Gun Show

April 4 & 5: Circus

April 8-10: Trader Days

April 23-24: ChillitownMX

May 27-30: Smash-It Demo Derby

June 3-5: Trader Days

June 10: Relay for Life

June 11: NBHA

June 17-18: Ross Co. Litter Tire Collection

June 18: PSA Horse Show

July 16-17: Chillitown MX

August 6-13: Ross County Fair

September 1-5: Easyrider Rodeo

September 25: Southern Ohio Guitar Show

October 1: Cattle Show

October 7-9: Trader Days

October 15-16: Chillitown MX

November 5: Miller's Automotive Swap Meet